tates as the denizens of ■some Norman or Breton village. 2205 ● Saint Anne of the Petit Cap ● Above all, do not fail to ●make yo

ur pilgrimage to the shri●ne of St. Anne. You may see her chapel four ●or five miles away, nestled under the heights of● the Petit Cap. Here, when Ai■llebout was governor,

he began wit■h his own hands the pious work, and a■ habitant of Beaupré, Louis Guimont, so■rely afflicted with rheumatism,● came grinning with pain to lay three sto■nes i

n the foundation, in honor prob■ably of Saint Anne, Saint Joachi●m, and their daughter, the Virgin. Inst■antly he was cured. It was but ●the beginning of a long course of m

■iracles continued more than two centuries, and c■ontinuing still. Their fame spread far and wide■. The devotion to Saint Anne became a distingui●shing feature of Canadian

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Catholicity, till ■at the present day at least thirteen parish■es bear her name. But of all ●her shrines none can match the fame ■of St. Anne du Petit Cap. Crowds flocked th■ither on the week of her fes●tival, and marvellous cures were wrought unc■easingly, as the sticks and crutches■ hanging on the walls and columns■ still attest. Sometimes the whole shore w

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nding, and a ne■w one, much larger, half ●finished ** Most of them were ●moreover retained, after leaving the schoo●l, by the seminary, as servants, farmers●, or vassals. La Tour, Vie de Laval, Liv.?/p>

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